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Phoebe started gymnastics at three years old and dance at five. From an early age Phoebe demonstrated a natural talent and enthusiasm for performance. She has won numerous awards and been recognized by several organizations.

Her passion is on display everywhere she performs. At practice and for live performances. Her training schedule is intense and daily.

In addition to dance, Phoebe loves surfing and skating.

In school Phoebe excels in science and math. Always eager to learn.

What sets Phoebe apart is her passion for dance and her charismatic personality that electrifies in a one on one setting or crowded auditorium.

Special Opportunities

Style, comfort, fashion, and value. These 4 traits comprise the philosophy that goes into each and every product we produce.
American costume and dancewear design company, has been family-owned for 60 years and has become a global presence within the dance industry.

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